Aura Tattoo

If I had to just say and put it in the title of the man of today, so that everyone can understand it well, so I can say in two words what the masters are doing. But I'm not a master, but I'd say to myself as an artist. The expression of this art in these tattoos appears. We are with it in one day.

"What's going on for one day and how does it last one day?"
"With each other. Meanwhile, your options run in alternative realities and I know what to tattoo, what results they bring."
"But what are you tattooing?"
"As if they were obligatory to install hosts on a holoGPS that would start in your brain and appear in your projection."
"What does this mean translated?"
"Your life will change and you will be there wherever you need to be (you want to be). Of course, only if you have fulfilled the necessary conditions to realize your dreams on a subjective right. If you do not meet these conditions, you can leave the road, because you can not listen to your GPS and turn around. The advantage of this is that later, after pressing the "recalculate" imaginary button, you go back if you change your mind."
"What do these tattoos contain?"
"Guarantee for personal maturity. The student program is a gift from the company."

I would point out that tattoos are painful but cool. Here, these pains occur mainly in the spiritual realm, which have a strongly positive effect on personality development. I don’t expect crowds because people are used to having something they pay for and pay for so they don’t have to deal with it. You took it by taking home a life model similar to an airplane model, which you then have to set up at home.