Aura Restart

The intervention takes a few minutes. After this, an app. a 3-year period begins, with the rebirth in the middle. Before that, you are preparing for an honest departure from an old movie of your life, then implementing your entry into a new film of your life. Because in this environment, you can only use your initiations for a Task that you have not yet reached, that the warranty may keep you after 3 years. That is, you also need to do this and be prepared to place responsibility on your own shoulder.

"How is it technically and why it only takes such a short time?"
"Technically, I only need to activate one code, so it takes such a short time."
"How's the transition?"
"One morning will happen in your bed when you wake up sometime in the middle."
"What will the change be like?"
"You won't notice it. Then later you will be sure that this couple of minutes is the reason for everything."
"Reason of what?"
"I don't know because the scenarios are unique. These are just the frames that you fill with content."

Yes, it will look like you put a stack of chips in my hand, I’m gesturing with my fingers and we’re done. This spiritual burden is even fueled by the fact that you will not feel anything, but it may already be anesthesia. In fact, you won’t see a sign of all this for long. You’ll never be sure you didn’t give a lot of money to a scammer for that. If you accept a piece of advice, take it as if you put it in the casino and you failed. A lot depends on the mind!